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What will you do instead of Graduation?

Earlier this week I got the news that I will not be returning back to school and that the rest of my senior year will be completed online. I will not get to see my classmates or teachers again. I won’t be having a prom, which was scheduled for this weekend, and possibly no graduation. Of course, I understand that all of these cancellations are for our safety and well-being, but as a high school senior this has really been affecting me, but slowly, I am finding new ways to get through it.

First I had to grieve. Yep, I said grieve! Be sad. It’s normal to be upset when an event important to you is canceled or postponed. It is okay to cry, this is something I definitely do. Fortunately, I have people I can talk to about my feelings. Be angry and be frustrated, but don’t let all of these emotions consume you.

My close friend and myself in our costumes

Instead of focusing on what is not going to happen, I have decided to look back on all the good times I’ve had with my friends and all of my accomplishments. I am proud of myself and you should be too.

Along with finding the good, we need to celebrate. I know that celebrating something that isn’t happening is a little odd, but it really can help you cope. I love theater and the show I am in has been postponed, so I post videos singing some of my favorite songs. It’s fun. Celebrate virtually so that your loved ones can celebrate with you.

It doesn’t matter whether the event was big or small, when something you were looking forward to does not turn out the way you dreamed it would, it’s sad and that's okay.

Girl on Fire

The Girl On Fire this week is Gwendalyn Waggoner. She is a senior this year and she is very active in her school and community. She is involved in the Penguin Project of the QC, President of the RIHS Drama Club, Teens For Tomorrow, NHS Secretary and much more. Gwendalyn is also the 2020 recipient of the "Amy Rowell: Young Woman of Worth Award". Though this year has not gone as planned, she has not let it dampen her spirits.

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